The 1010 Genesis Collection

We would like to introduce ourselves as CryptoDials; a web3 lifestyle brand. Our upcoming drop minting on May 28, 2022, at 10:10 AM ET is our Genesis Collection consisting of 1,010 pieces. Each NFT is a unique art piece that represents a 1/1 watch that can be built using a Build Token to be released in Q4 2022.

We welcome you to join our #DIALEDIN community, connect with other watch enthusiasts and get hyped for our 1010 Genesis Collection mint. All holders will gain access to exclusive merchandise drops, discounts from our retail partners, and be prioritized for our flagship watch release.

Why a crypto watch brand?

Blockchain technology enables each watch to have a clear, transparent, record of ownership and introduce an all-new level of authenticity. Each NFT in the 1010 Collection is unique; when a holder uses a Build Token to redeem the physical, the 1/1 watch is built and the case back of the watch is laser etched with a QR code that links directly to its NFT. This adds a whole new level of provenance and offers a new dimension to the ownership experience.

So they’re real watches?

Each NFT represents a real watch. In our Genesis Collection there are 9/1010 that will not require a Build Token and will include their physicals. For remaining 1,001, in order to redeem the physical, you must purchase a Build Token in Q4 2022. The special 9 pieces designed by our founder Kirk Lepiten may be revealed by members of our #DIALEDIN 48H after public mint begins!

The Gambler as and NFT and a Physical

1,009 of the physicals in this collection are derived from over 60 different traits, and their corresponding custom dials, bezels and cases will be brought together by our watchmaker to expertly craft a 1/1, 200m rated, Seiko powered, automatic watch each time a watch is redeemed.

One rare piece in the Genesis Collection is representative of our pioneering in the space and will be the debut of our upcoming flagship in forged carbon. The lucky holder will receive a 1/1 forged carbon flagship piece in Q4 2022.

What if I don’t get one of those nine and don’t want to build the watch?

Holder Benefits

Building your Genesis Collection NFT into a watch isn’t the end goal. As a team, we’re committed to CryptoDials being a trailblazer in Web3 not only as a watch brand, but as a lifestyle brand, connecting with other utility-based projects and businesses in the space.

We’re working hard to build relationships with retail brands in the traditional watch industry to offer members of our community access to discounts from our partners. Holders will be the first to gain access to our upcoming flagship and future watch releases.

Even if you don’t mint an NFT but are interested in watches, we have a great, active watch community on Discord. There are a variety of engaging channels from EDC to the casino, providing opportunities to connect with other friendly hobbyists around the world, as well as the occasional giveaway.

Along with the mint this weekend, we are also offering cool merch like poker chips, hats and stickers — holders of the NFT don’t just get dibs, they’ll get discounts!

What kinds of things do you have planned for the future?

We’ve been inspired by various watch enthusiast clubs worldwide and look to them as models for our community. With opportunities to connect across platforms, from Discord, Twitter, and Instagram to in person meetups, we have a lot of exciting things coming as we begin to bring the watch industry to together with the crypto space.

We’re also excited for the CryptoDials Vault where we offer members of the #DIALEDIN the opportunity trade pieces of their own in a unique way. Aspiring to become the CryptoDials auction house for treasured pieces that enthusiasts want to ensure goes to another enthusiast in the community, we look forward to seeing your Articles introduced into the Vault.

The Vault Genesis

We will continue to be true innovators in the watch space, looking forward to building and delivering watches that satisfy the desires of the watch fans and integrates technology you didn’t know you needed. We’re also look forward to showcasing the skills of content creators in our community and highlighting the importance of their work for the watch industry.

What are the details on the CryptoDials Genesis Collection mint?

Each NFT in the Genesis Collection is 0.1010 ETH — only MetaMask wallets will be supported

  • Private Sale for OG’s and Allow List: Thursday, May 26th, 10:10 PM EST
    Horologists can mint up to 3 NFTs with a 20% off discount off mint price and Allow List can mint up 2 NFTs with a 10% off discount off mint price during the private sale.
  • Public Sale: Saturday, May 28th, 10:10 AM EST.
  • Reveal begins: Monday, May 30th, 10:10 AM EST.
  • Wallet Max 5

The link will be available on our website (, on Discord and on Twitter.

How much will the Build Token cost?

One of the keys to delivering a quality watch that is a reliable tool, is to not compromise on quality. Unfortunately, that means that the cost of the Build Token cannot be finalized at this time due to market volatility. Building a watch is precise and we’re going to keep it that way by ensuring we’re not cutting corners when it comes to production. Based on current value of ETH, we expect the Build Token to be between 300–350 USD.

With respect to our pricing for our flagship and future pieces, we’re committed to being accessible for our community and are going to be in line with other microbrands and offer the adding value of integrating blockchain technology to our pieces.

Want to know more?

We know that crypto is complicated so if you’re looking to learn more, please check us out on Discord or you can message us on Twitter or IG and we’ll be sure to help fill you in.




An NFT collection of 1,010 timepieces. Collect and then build an exclusive physical 1/1 watch that will rival the rarities of even the most prestigious brands.

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An NFT collection of 1,010 timepieces. Collect and then build an exclusive physical 1/1 watch that will rival the rarities of even the most prestigious brands.

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